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Looking for Portable Mobility Scooters?

Discover the Easiest Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter to load in the Boot of the Car

The Handyscoot foldable mobility scooter is an stylish yet heavy duty, stable and economical way of transport

Conceived originally as a travel mobility scooter to be taken in planes and cruises, its easy folding has made The Handyscoot lightweight mobility scooter the preferred option for getting around in your local community, enjoy family outings and easily put back in the boot of the car to come back home.

The HandyScoot is specifically designed to help you be active and independent in your community. It is ideal for:

  • getting around your local supermarket or shopping centre;
  • enjoying leisurely nature walks and beautiful scenery; or
  • participating in community events.

You can take this lightweight folding mobility scooter anywhere! Created as companion to travel on planes and cruises, with its collapsible design, you can easily carry the Handyscoot in the boot of your car, on a bus or on a train.

The HandyScoot comes with practical accessories such as a carry basket, luggage bracket, light and horn to provide you with a safe ride and convenience whilst shopping or traveling

The durable vinyl seat and back seat pads stand up to repeated use so you enjoy more comfortable outings

The battery has a range of up to 24 km, greater than other portable mobility scooters in the market. It can be recharged in a few hours so you can enjoy longer trips on a reliable lightweight mobility scooter that will definitely get you to your destination

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The HandyScoot will improve your mobility, help you engage with your community and ensure you enjoy life to the fullest.

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Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) NO.387393

The HandyScoot™ Advantage

7 seven reasons why the Handyscoot will bring joy to your next trip:

  • With an ample carry capacity of 158 Kg, the Handyscoot will carry you, your shopping or luggage at ease
  • With a heaviest part weighing just 13 Kg (without seat and battery), you will be able to lift it or wriggle it into the boot of your car with minimum effort. This is why The Handyscoot is the leader in lightweight mobility scooters
  • A top speed of 10Km/h (and 3 speed settings 0-4, 0-7, 0-10 Km/h.) makes it fun and efficient to ride when the path is clear and safe to move around gently in more congested areas
  • Its top quality (Li-ion) battery offers a range of up to 24 Km (varying depending on battery condition, terrain, load and charge) giving you more mileage and longer trips to get you there!
  • Our battery approved for airline travel so you can confidently take your Handyscoot anywhere you dream to…The Handyscoot is the authentic travel mobility scooter
  • Your Handyscoot has a sturdy and durable stainless steel frame so you can rest easy knowing it will withstand many pleasurable trips
  • With an innovative folding design it is the easiest to lift or wriggle into the boot of the car…an authentic portable mobility scooter
  • And of course, with 2 year limited warranty so you can scoot around and enjoy worry free…wait, what? that was 8 reasons!!! and there’s more…I guess we said 7…so

Easiest Lightweight Foldable Moblity Scooter - Handyscoot
Handyscoot Lightweight Foldable Mobility Scooter

And there’s more!

  • The HandyScoot™ battery comes with an embedded plug which means you can leave the scooter in the car and charge the battery offboard inside your home.
  • All necessary cables are located in the interior of the scooter, safely tucked away from children and anything that can damage or snag them.
  • For shopping trips, the HandyScoot™ offers a rear storage option for additional purchase, so you can get all your shopping done in one trip
  • More durable vinyl seat and back rest pads stand up to repeated use, which means a stylish scooter looking brand new all the time.

Folding Mobility Scooter Specifications and Benefits

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