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Does insurance or Medicare cover the cost of a Handyscoot?

The HandyScoot™ is  not covered by Medicare or DVA. The Handyscoot might be covered by NDIS, Workcover,  some insurance policies and Homecare packages, subject to the assessment of an Occupational Therapist

Can you take the HandyScoot™ on an airplane?

Yes.  We recommend you ride the scooter up to the plane door instead of checking it as luggage which subjects it to greater damage.    Once you arrive at the plane door, they will ask you to remove the battery and carry it on board.  They then hand carry the scooter down to the cargo section of the plane.  You should always contact your airline in advance of your trip and tell them you will be bringing a scooter. The airline might request that you provide them with the Battery’s Safety Data Sheet, you can contact us to request one here. For more regulations or traveling tips we have put together some useful information here

What is the HandyScoot’s™ weight carry capacity?

The HandyScoot™ mobility scooter can transport users up to 158Kg. Most portable mobility scooters can handle riders weighing less than 115Kg

What is the weight capacity of the basket and luggage rack of the Handyscoot?

Each can carry up to 11Kg

What is the battery range of the Handyscoot?

Up to 24Km on a charge, varying with load, terrain and the age/condition of the battery

How fast can the HandyScoot™ go?

The top speed of the Handyscoot is 10Km/h, meeting the Australian regulation. The Handyscoot has 3 speed settings 0-4, 0-7, 0-10 Km/h and reverse

Can the battery of the Handyscoot be charged while it is on the scooter?

Yes. The charging plug is accessible when the battery is connected to the scooter. To make life easier, the battery can be taken out of the scooter and be charged by itself whilst the Handyscoot if left in the car, minimising the amount of times the scooter needs to be put in and taken out of the car

What is the turning radius for the HandyScoot™?

The turning radius of the Handyscoot is only 66cm which makes it the perfect portable scooter to be used indoors and around tight corners

Can the HandyScoot™ get wet?

All attempts to keep the controls and battery dry are best. Wire corrosion from long term exposure to moisture is the concern

What is the warranty?

There is a 2 year limited warranty on the complete scooter. This does not apply to user damage, misuse, modifications done by others, services done by unauthorised persons

How heavy is the Handyscoot's heaviest part?

13Kg . That is, the Handyscoot’s frame without the seat and the battery

What is the total weight of the HandyScoot™?

19Kg including frame, battery and seat

How much of an incline can the HandyScoot™ manage?

The HandyScoot™ meets the American Disabilities Act requirement of a 6° degrees. Based on customer feedback (non tested in laboratory conditions), the Handyscoot can  travel at more than 12°, however this is not recommended by Handyscoot. Risk of of fall by tilting might occur

How long will the battery last?

The battery is good up to 500 charges. It is always best to drain the battery as much as possible before recharging it

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

It will take 1-3 hours based on the age of the battery and how much it is drained

Can the battery be charged in a car or SUV?

Yes. You will need to get a plug adapter for the cigarette lighter. Some SUV’s have a built in plug

Will the charger work in other countries?

Yes. The charger is rated for 100-240V. It does have an Australian plug. You will need to purchase a plug adapter that corresponds to the country you will be visiting.

Do I need to get an extra battery when I purchase my HandyScoot™?

Many prefer to purchase an extra battery but it is based on personal preference. The HandyScoot™ battery recharges quickly so in most cases, an extra battery is not needed. If you do purchase a spare battery, you will need to rotate using them as you will have to recharge each battery at least once every 3-6 months

Where can I have my HandyScoot™ serviced?

Any bicycle or ebike shop with a service department will be able to assist

Is there a return policy if the HandyScoot™ does not work out for me?

There is a 7 day return policy on your purchase. You have 7 days to contact us after you have received your HandyScoot™. It will need to be returned in the original box, with all the parts. All packaging and parts must be returned in a as-new condition otherwise returns won’t be accepted. Return shipping charges and a 10% restocking fee will apply to the return.

What are the battery temperature ranges?

Storage temperature range: -20°C to 40°C
Charging temperature range: 0ºC to 40ºC
Operating temperature range: -20ºC to 50ºC

What is included in with purchase?

The purchase of the HandyScoot™ includes the scooter, 288 watt lithium ion battery, battery charger, foldable basket, luggage bar and a light for the front handlebar.

Will the charger work outside outside Australia?

Yes. The charger is rated for 100-240V. It comes with an Australian plug so you will need a local plug adapter.

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