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Portable Mobility Scooter – How to use it?

Using your Handyscoot is easy…

We hope you are as stoked with your new HandyScoot™ as we are to have you with us. The Handyscoot is truly is the ultimate lightweight portable mobility scooter. The Handyscoot was designed to be easy to transport, lightweight to lift, foldable to store…rugged, heavy duty and strong yet nimble and stylish.  Like it has done to thousands of users worldwide, the Handyscoot will provide you freedom, independence and opportunities to strengthen your connections with the community, friends and relatives.  Kilo for kilo you won’t find a more comfortable travel mobility scooter for your mobility needs.  Welcome to the HandyScoot™ family!!

To make things easier, we have added a free copy of the instructions manual here:  Portable Mobility Scooter – How to Use – Handyscoot Product Manual.

We look forward to hearing from and all your adventures. If you would like to contact us please do so here

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