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“The Handyscoot is so well designed and made I do not hesitate to recommend it to all travellers not just the elderly or disabled. We recently took it to Bali with us as it is perfect to use throughout the airports, large resorts, walking paths shopping centres and markets. We even took it on the Fast Ferries to Nusa Lembongan. The lightweight of 13kg and the easy fold design made it easy to store on the boat and simple for them to retrieve so I could exit the Marina precinct. We are even planning a trip to Europe next year and the independence and confidence the Handyscoot has given me to travel anywhere in the world even though I have just had a knee replacement is wonderful. I can keep up with our teenage grandchildren 😊️”

Gaye Abraham
Western Australia

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Pretty happy with the HS…out of stainless steel, perfect for Terrigal…  Im 123 kilos and takes me shopping and myself at ease…li-ion batteries 288watt, pretty mighty but still took it on a plane to Brisbane, no trouble… folds pretty easy and light as a feather really…no doubt I recommend the Handyscoot

Shawn Coin

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Looking for a lightweight mobility scooter that you could actually put in the boot of the car yourself?  look no more! The Handyscoot foldable mobility scooter is the easiest mobility scooter to ride, the handiest travel mobility scooter to turn in tight spaces and the most stylist to show around.

FREE 3 DAY TRIAL AUSTRALIA WIDE…try before you buy

2-YEAR WARRANTY…for peace of mind

Whopping 158kG carry capacity…take all your luggage with you

288W Li-ion Battery for longer trips


Buy Portable Mobility Scooter – Travel in style Now | Handyscoot

HandyScoot™ stands as the Ultimate Portable Mobility Scooter for travel and community outings. With a powerful 288-watt battery to provide you with extended journeys, the Handyscoot offers a suite of essential scooter accessories to enhance your experience. The battery charger is user-friendly and allows you to charge the battery off-board whilst the Handyscoot lives in the boot of your car, so reducing the amount of lifts.

The HandyScoot™ comes equipped with a front basket, providing a convenient storage solution within arm’s reach for your essentials. Additionally, the front luggage bar expands your transport options, allowing you to securely attach bags or backpacks.

Safety is paramount, the front light ensures you navigate confidently, whether in broad daylight or low-light conditions whilst the width adjustable rear axle brings stability to the ride.  At the same time the front tiller offers versatility turning in very tight radii. These carefully curated features make the HandyScoot™ the most convenient solution in portable mobility scooters. Engage with the community and enjoy the outdoors with confidence, Handyscoot has you covered with:

  • Its lightweight and foldable design for easy transport so you enjoy effortless outings…this is Ultimate Portability
  • A high-capacity 288-watt battery so you can travel further on a single charge…enjoy Long-lasting Power
  • A user-friendly battery charger for quick recharging…So you can get back on the move swiftly…that’s Hassle-free Charging:
  • Its convenient storage accessories for essentials within arm’s reach…so you can carry your personal items at ease…Enjoy your Front Basket and Luggage Brackets…

The HandyScoot™ Mobility Scooter offers a comprehensive solution that combines convenience, versatility, and safety, empowering you to embrace newfound independence in your daily life.


Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) NO.387393
Model Handyscoot
Category Portable Mobility Scooter
Model Number HS101
Maximum Weight Capacity 158 Kg
Maximum Travel Range per Charge 24 Km
Maximum Speed 10 Km/h
Speed Settings Four (4 Km/h, 7 Km/h, 10 km/h) and Reverse
Ground Clearance 11 cm front, 7 cm rear
Turning Radious 66 cm
Overall Length 100 cm
Adjustable Rear Axle Settings 55 cm, 66 cm, 74 cm
Heaviest Part (Frame) 13.1 Kg
Seat Weight 4 Kg
Total Weight (assembled) 19 Kg
Battery Weight 1.8 Kg
Battery 36V, 8Amp. 288 Watt. Li-ion
Battery Charging Time Approx 2 Hours (Initial charge 5 Hours)
Battery Charger AC 100-240V (Li-Ion only. Specific for Handyscoot)
Battery Certification UN. PT III 38.3 for Airline Travel
Seat Pad Size 43 cm (W) x  29 cm (L) x 7 cm (H)
Brakes Front Disc
Drive Front Wheel (Hub Motor)
Accelerator Motorcycle type throttle
Front Tyre 20 cm x 5 cm Deep Thread Rubber
Rear Tyre 20 cm x 5 cm High Density Polyurethane
Body Colour Silver
Frame Material Stainless Steel 304
Warranty 2-year Limited Warranty
Secooter Dimensions – Set up 94 cm (H) x 99 cm (L) x 56 cm (W)
Secooter Dimensions – Folded With Seat 69 cm (H) x 99 cm (L) x 56 cm (W)
Secooter Dimensions – Folded Without Seat 45 cm (H) x 99 cm (L) x 56 cm (W)
Special Features Steering Column Lock, Internal Frame Cables
The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication; Handyscoot Australia reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice.
Speed and range vary with user weight, incline, terrain type, battery age and charge and temperature.
This specification is subject to a variance of +/- 3%



Handyscoot | The Authentic Portable Mobility offers and ample 2-year limited warranty on:

Structural Frame when used under normal use conditions.

All components, including motor, brakes, electrical, and axles when used under normal use conditions.

1-year limited warranty on battery when used under normal use conditions

Warranty excludes tyres, wear and tear and damage due to improper use.

Visit Handyscoot warranty statement for more information

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