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Quick Setup Guide

Download the Quick Setup Guide or check out the full users Instruction Manual.

1) Carefully remove your HandyScoot™ from the carton. Cut and discard White plastic ties only!


2) Loosen clamps and remove 2 protective steel tubes located at each end of the back axle frame. Discard.

3) There are 3 rear axle widths. The middle width is recommended. Adjust axle width by pressing on the axle adjustment button and insert into stationary axle. Repeat for both sides making sure you use the same alignment holes.

4) Tighten clamps to secure. (Images below) Refer to page 5 of the Users Instruction Manual for more information.


5) Raise steering handle and lock in place with clamp. Use enclosed Allen wrenches to adjust and tighten brake, throttle and control module to your preference Please refer to page 4 in the Users Instruction Manual for more information.


6) Depress seat back adjusting button on seat assembly and insert seat back into metal channel under seat pad to desired comfort. Make sure adjustment button is fully exposed in alignment hole.

7) Remove seat height adjustment pin in the seat post by pressing in the small knob on the head of the pin. Loosen seat post clamp. There are 3 height options available. Insert pin into the desired hole height. Insert seat pad post into seat post making sure the U channel rests on the pin. Secure in place by fully locking the clamp. Test seat retention by lifting the seat pad and make sure the seat system stays fully engaged in seat post.

8) Fully charge your battery with charger for up to 5 hours before first use. (Charger fits into the round plug located under round black cover at side of battery). After charging, place battery on battery platform, align the battery into slots on the back of the platform and the plug into socket. Press down on the battery to connect plug.

9) On controller box above the front wheel, flip rocker switch to on position. On handlebar control panel, press Power button. Select speed by pressing mode (1=3mph, 2=6mph, 3=9mph). Turn throttle handle slowly to drive scooter.

10) Please refer to the users Instruction Manual for more information regarding the luggage bars, baskets and additional set up or safety operations.

Enjoy your HandyScoot™ Ultimate Travel Mobility Scooter

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